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“I had Bursitis in my shoulder which had been a bother for a year. It had gotten to the point where I couldn't even lift my right arm to wash my hair or brush my teeth. My Dr. wanted to perform surgery, replace my shoulder with a steel and plastic replacement which would have cost me tens of thousands of dollars even after my insurance.

Dr Laci popped my shoulder back into place, all pain and such was gone in 48 hours and I've been back to normal for over 10 years. Just one treatment, that was all it took.”

-Russell Turns, Stage Manager @ Dallas, TX House of Blues

Audio Engineer @ Dallas, TX House of Blues

" This is a brief note to explain my new found respect for chiropractors. Being a sound engineer on the road, one does not lead the healthiest of lifestyles. Lack of sleep, and the general wear and tear on the body can be pretty damaging. After many long years of sleeping on 4 inch thick tour bus mattresses and lifting band gear on and off stages, I was put in touch with Dr. Laci after wrenching my lower back. At the time I was unable to walk let alone finish my duties for the night. She kindly brought her table to the club, adjusted my back and within a couple of hours I was able to not only walk but resume any other manual labor required of me. I have seen Dr. Laci several times over the years and would recommend her to anyone....even those a little nervous to even consider an office visit. "

-Edo Levi, Freelance Audio Engineer

Toadies, Bowling for Soup

"She's not just a great former associate and colleague of mine, but she's my friend of 16 years and I confidently stand behind her professional mission and can't say enough about her integrity and professionalism. She's full of life, caring and has great passion and vision for the future of chiropractic."

-Dr. Dennis Buckley

Owner and Doctor of Chiropractic at Health Advantage Health & Wellness Center

Chair Elect Pasadena Chamber of Commerce

Past Clinician and Instructor at Southern California University of Health Sciences.

"The greatest thing about Dr. Laci is she is very attentive to all your health needs. She is not just an ordinary mechanical chiropractor, as they can be, but she is always very thorough and would scan the whole body from ankles to wrists. If not for this kind of treatment, my crew and I couldn't have made it through the long days on set in the compromising positions and stress we are put in."

-Warwick Saint, International Photographer and Director

"I was told I need surgery on one of my shoulders. Not anymore thanks to you. You not only listen, but you ask a lot of questions. Your adjustments have given me amazing results...Dr. Laci, we love having you come to the salon. You are an extremely passionate, very caring and truly gifted professional."

-Vicki Peabody

Hairdresser, Alter Image Salon

Redondo Beach, CA

"All the bands and crew that Dr. Laci has touched and cared for over the years still rave about her. When we come to town for a show I'm asked if Dr. Laci will be around to work out the aches and pains that touring across the country brings on. She is so professional and thorough and as a tour manager, she makes me look good!"

-Rick Marino, Tour Manager

Band of Horses, Jimmy Eat World, Green Day, Pete Yorn, Bad Religion, Mars Volta

[email protected]

"How unbelievable is it to have a mobile chiropractor that comes to your office or home in your time of need? It is truly amazing how good I feel after I have an adjustment and it really benefits my tight, hectic schedule too. Myself and my business partner, also a patient of Dr. Laci, we never have to worry about missing a client or an important phone call. The convenience is so valuable to me, plus I've increased flexibility and range of motion physically. I highly recommend Dr. Laci Hendricks."

-Geno Schwartz

Senior Loan Officer, Stratis Financial

Torrance, CA

Call for an appointment: 310-408-2295